Genius Hour Project Post 5

As I continue to research my project, I am getting more interested and excited to see how I will be able to use my findings. Hearing a teacher’s testimony on what technology has done in her classroom in the interview I did spurred something inside me and I am really pumped about it. So far I have learned so many different tools to use in the classroom. From NearPod to Kahoot, I am finding so many things that I believe have truly made a difference in classrooms around the world. I have noticed how much technology is advancing around us and realize it is now up to us, future and current teachers, to research and keep up with how we can incorporate this technology in our classroom. Why? Because it works! Students love it, and how often to you hear that students love school and learning? Technology can help spark a new passion for learning.

I decided to take the advice of Mrs. Farrar and look further into Aurasma.  By using this app, you can draw or pick an image that you want to come to life. Basically, in a history class this is a great tool! With this technology, you can help make a battle you are teaching come to life! It allows you to add music, voice clips, and other cool features in order to play out whatever scenario you would like to. With something like this, you will have to be open to giving it time. While this application open the window for a lot of cool teaching tools, it will also take time to figure out all of its features.

In my research, I also had the pleasure of connecting with @Edufacey. She is an educator, author, and speaker who is passionate about students being engaged in the classroom. Her website talks about making school fun for kids and what tools teachers can use to do that. She pointed me in the direction of a website called Dipity. I think Dipity could be an awesome tool to use in any history class. It is a website that allows you to create timelines. It helps make history a little more tangible with the ability to create engaging timelines. I believe this tool can be used as one a teacher could use to create an assignment from or even make a timeline to help in the lesson. Having pictures and texts in a timeline allows students to visualize events. This is made possible with Dipity. Another awesome tool Denise pointed me to is a website that has a list of ten helpful YouTube channels to use in a social studies classroom. I think YouTube is an excellent resource to use in a classroom because sometimes videos can explain something better than lecturing does. This website is nice because it offers some legitimate channel that are helpful for educators.

If you have time, I highly encourage you to snoop around on the websites that I have linked. In my research I have learned so much and cannot even begin to put all the information that I have taken in into a few blog posts. Technology is the next step creating better education and it is important to know the many ways it is offering us to innovate the classroom.

One thought on “Genius Hour Project Post 5

  1. jyl71545 says:

    Wow the Dipity site seems like a really useful tool!! I would definitely use this to create timelines for a classroom to keep track on what kinds of new technology they would use over time so I would be able to see the progress on innovative technology for students.


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